Providing sound art

Ninsun offers personalized sound creations designed to produce an emotional impact for many events and services.

Original sound creations

for theatre plays, exhibitions, art previews, fashion events…


Personalized sound design

for internet websites, advertising agencies, digital art...


Musical playlists & music selection

for lounge venues, luxury hotels


Ninsun also runs projects and curates exhibitions focusing on sound art.

Some projects

Ninsun collaborates with talented artists and agencies to run sound art projects and curate exhibitions.

Multimedia sound work

by Robin Meier
Musée des Beaux-Arts de Nantes (France)

Sound performance

Villa des Tourelles gallery (Nanterre, France) 

Sound installation

by Rodolphe Alexis
Parc des oiseaux (France)

Personnalized music playlist

by BNY / commision by Curius agency
Burgundy lounge hotel


While this website is being updated, feel free to contact us for any project requests:

Clémentine Ader project manager