Providing sound art

Personalized sound works designed to produce a strong emotional impact.

Who is Ninsun

Ninsun is an independent structure specialized in providing original sound creations and sound design, music playlists and curating exhibitions focusing on sound art. Involved in offering a high quality service and making an unique experience for each project, Ninsun collaborates with talented artists and agencies.

Based in Paris in France, working for cultural and corporate events and companies, such as fashion events, digital art shows, exhibitions, art previews, theatre plays, advertising or digital art events, websites, lounge venues, luxury hotels.


Multimedia sound work

by Robin Meier

Sound performance


Sound installation

by Rodolphe Alexis

Personnalized music playlist

by BNY, commisioned by Curius agency


For any question or projects requests, please contact:

Clémentine Ader, project manager